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Zoya Salon

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With more than 18 years’ experience in hair cutting, coloring and styling, Zoya now specializes exclusively in the application of hair extensions and top hair pieces and wigs for women who seek consistent, quality solutions for fine, thinning, or damaged hair. Zoya is a master extension specialist certified by top companies such as Great Lengths and Hairdreams, and was the first–and for years, the only--stylist in Dallas to offer the cold fusion method of extensions. However, consistent with her commitment to provide only the finest results, Zoya also uses other hair extension applications (such as tape-ins or micro-beads) depending on the client’s specific needs. “Not everyone can wear the same size or type of jeans,” says Zoya, “and the same analogy applies to what type of extensions will suit you, your hair texture, and your hair length.”

While extension services and hair pieces make up a large segment of their businesses, Fuse and Zoya remain premier full-service hair salons, serving a loyal, elite clientele who expect only the finest in hair service and treatment. Zoya, who is committed to providing a beautiful, seamless hair transformation for each client, personally selects and trains only the most highly qualified support staff to round out the full range of hair services provided by Fuse and Zoya. Zoya’s skilled professionals are experienced, cutting-edge stylists trained in the newest hair trends and innovative coloring techniques (such as balayage and ombre) to consistently deliver great styles designed to fit everyone’s busy lifestyles.

“Women are passionate about their hair, and it can be their undoing if they do not have a stylist who understands that,” says Zoya. “I have had women come into the salon in tears because another stylist not only failed to give them the look that they wanted, but mutilated their hair in the process. Other women are devastated when their hormones begin to change and their hair thins or they begin to bald.”

Zoya is dedicated to empowering these women by helping them regain control of their lives. “It is humbling to me as a stylist to see what a difference my work can have on women’s lives. They feel beautiful again. They feel confident,” she says, “and it’s not a cliché to say they truly feel in charge of their lives again.”

Beautiful YOU! What makes you beautiful? Are you brave enough to find out and then Dare to Live Beautifully in 2017?

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