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Richard Yerxa Appraisals

Appraisal Services

At our location: $50 minimum charge for up to 5 items, $10 each additional item, 987 S. Gibbons in Bartonville

At the client’s home for their convenience: $250 minimum charge for up to 20 items, $10 each additional itemJewelry, artwork, antiques (some distant locations additional charge),

NEW: please keep in in mind for any appraisals that can done by email. Your client can send me their old paperwork, receipts, or appraisals and I can write a new current appraisal, send it back all by email for convenience!$50.00 for up to 5 items, $10 ea. additional pieces,

Email address:

987 S. Gibbons Rd.

Bartoville, Texas 76226

Phone: 214-739-3906