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Old Texas Wood

Old Texas Wood is owned by Lance Satterfield, who has been milling reclaimed wood into flooring since 1992. His business has expanded to serve customers around the country. Old Texas Wood is dedicated to preserving old lumber and flooring salvaged from sites in the North and East Texas areas. Antique wood is a rare and limited resource rich in character and historical charm. Recycled wood is an environmentally responsible option for those concerned with preserving our cherished woodlands for generations to come. Most of our materials are salvaged from buildings constructed around the turn of the century, utilizing old growth lumber milled over a hundred years ago. This includes Antique Oak, Pine, Maple, pecan and walnut. That means that no new trees are lost in the process. We are proud to do our part in slowing the depletion of valuable old growth lumber.

6920 CF Hawn FWY

Dallas, TX 75217

Phone: 214-391-1500