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English Aire, LLC

English Aire opened its doors in 2008 with three basic concepts - trust, workmanship and customer service. The owner of English Aire, Lee English, believes these three concepts are vital to a healthy business. Lee was born and raised in Lewisville and grew up in what was once a small town. Being from the area, Lee understands just how unforeseeable this Texas weather can be. He also knows that a person’s AC system can be just as unpredictable. No one can tell you when your system will take its last breath, but he knows that preventative maintenance and care will help prolong that outcome. In other cases, people relocate and simply want an AC system that is updated and new. Whatever your reason may be, let us take care of you and install a completely new AC system. Once installed, Lee will explain what little things you can do to save a lot of money in the future.

We are always a phone call away. English Aire knows that trust can’t be bought or sold but must be earned. Let English Aire earn your trust today!

Lewisville, TX

Phone: 972-743-4925